Our Story

Lolly’s Frozen Grapes co-founders Lolly Parker and Sumi Nishi met in 2008 at a Mommy and Me class when their kids were just 2 years old. Discovering very quickly that they were both foodies, they hit it off as friends instantly. With 5 children between them, they were always on the look-out for a healthy treat, especially on hot California days.

They wanted something quick and easy that they could pop out of the freezer and the kids could share. A few years later Lolly started freezing grapes and the kids loved them. She then took it a step further and dipped them in dark chocolate. They loved them even more! Lolly’s Frozen Grapes was born. With Sumi’s background in nutrition and Lolly’s background in design, together they launched the business and have been dipping grapes ever since.

Not willing to compromise on quality, Sumi and Lolly source only top-quality ingredients to make their grapes. They use premium dark chocolate and grapes as well as premium quality toppings.

Lolly's Frozen Grapes are available in Dark Chocolate, Almond and Coconut.